Video driver tip for new OS installs

Hi guys, I got a little tip for you here for drivers on new installations. This situation happens a lot. So when you go to your device manager, you’ve got a fresh install. You go through all your drivers. Do a refresh hardware. It takes a little while for it to come up to, like, 15-20 seconds. So if you don’t see it, just wait for it. It’s the icon on top left “Scan for Hardware.” That is kind of like a refresh for the drivers. So the point I want to show you here, which is pretty common, is the display driver looks good there’s no flag or any signs of errors.

What happens there is that you get a standard VGA driver like the default generic driver. So whenever you see that “VGA Driver.” That is never the correct one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular HD chip on the motherboard. It’s not going to be the standard graphics in this case here, actually, This unit has a video card. So, you know, it will probably be a little bit more obvious. If you see a video card on the unit and they’re using the standard VGA driver. That is never going to be the correct driver. This is a default generic driver. It works, and you can adjust the resolution and works OK. It doesn’t pop up when you look at it. So it’s, I mean, super easy to miss. Everybody misses it.

You have to come here and look at it specifically, and I do that. That’s why I wind up catching it. It doesn’t get updated sometimes. So take a look at that. That’s your little tip on your video drivers for a fresh OS install.