Checking the power consumption of an iPhone with a power supply

Hello everybody, so let me show you one way to check if you got a phone that’s draining to much battery. Of course, it could be the battery, but it also could be the motherboard. Or it could be some crazy app consuming all the battery life. So one of the things we would do is take a look at some applications to see hows the battery life and how many cycles the battery has. So if the battery looks like it’s super worn out then yeah, we’ll just replace the battery . But sometimes you’ll have a phone that’s having an issue, and it’s got a fairly new battery. Or maybe you changed the battery and you’re still having the same problem.

So here’s a few steps to go further to see what’s going on. So we have our power supply tester, and we got that connected to the battery connection. The phone is off, so if your phone is off and you got that connected, and if it reads about 0.12 it should be at zero. So the phone is consuming power a while it’s off. So that means there’s some components that are short somewhere. Also, if the phone was turned on it should also go to zero but it shows .12 which means its a motherboard issue. That’s testing with the Power Supply Tester you can get all this stuff on Amazon. And that’s one way for you to check and see if they if the phone has a problem. If you’re getting zero when the phone is off, then what you might want to check the OS. Probably the best thing to do would be to do a back it up, and then I would restore it. Wipe it, and reinstall the operating system. Don’t restore the actual data because it may be corrupted.

So those are the three things that will cause battery consumption; Software going wacko, the motherboard or bad battery .So there’s a little tip for you guys. Enjoy.