Inspecting the rig

Hey guys let me show you what’s going on over here today at pc 911. We got a nice gaming unit over here – great parts, a nice little cooler there, nice video card, and good cpu. A beautiful case with all the bells and whistles. An SSD, two extra drives, and a good power supply. But it’s got one little problem. Let me show you this. With brand new parts sometimes you got to take a look at them and sometimes it’s going to drive you nuts when it has a problem.

Checking out the parts

So our customer put this together. They got it to boot up and brought it in. We went through all the details and this is what we found. This right here is a little tough, but if you look (it’s really hard to see it it’s so small). You get a pointer here – let me get a little pointer to see if I can kind of show you what’s going on. If you look you’ll see it’s so small and the focus here is not going to get it. But basically right about right in this area right here. I’m going to move this out but take a look at this area right here. You’re going to see some of those pins depending what angle you look at it from.

Taking a closer look

You can see there is a little discrepancy. Let’s see from the top now. You can’t tell from the top. I’m there and you could see it a little bit, if I can zoom in there a little bit you can see some of those pins out of place up towards the top. It looks like two pins, which may not look like much but it’s just enough. You got one right here right, out of place. Then this one over here is around here. This is pretty exciting stuff so that’s what the deal

Wrapping up

The point of the video is even if you buy brand new parts, you know they could come in failing. This is something you definitely want to take a look at. So imagine now we’re going to take this whole thing apart. Good news is we got to the bottom of it that’s what’s going on over here today at PC 911.

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