This is a custom dual boot unit that we sold to a customer. He did a Windows 10 upgrade and that crashed. Here we have the grub boot; that was a surprise to him! When you do that upgrade make sure you don’t really need your computer urgently because something like this could happen. Now for anybody out there that has one these; one of our dual boot operating systems; it’s a guaranteed crash because Window 10 is going to want to take over the boot. It’s going to crash with grub which is the one that controls the boot here. So hopefully this will be a boot repair from there, it is going to go into the Windows 10 upgrade. Hopefully that goes well. We can have that computer going back to our customer before the end of the day. Thanks for watching.

We are back! We’ve done the boot repair and everything looks okay so far. We restarted the computer and we are in the upgrade. From what we mentioned before; it tries to take over the actual start up and that’s where the dual boot fails. We are going to go into this upgrade; we are almost at 50% and hopefully this works out smooth.We’ll be back in business soon. Thanks for watching.

Here we are and everything worked out with this Windows 10, everything is good to go. You can see all the information right here, let’s go to our system settings and there we go. Windows 10 up and running, all the drivers everything looks good but time will tell I have had my Windows 10 actually works okay certain issues like this start button sometimes doesn’t work, etc. But everything is good so thumbs up for this Windows 10 upgrade. Thanks for watching.

Hey guys, here we are back with this Windows 10 and even though I had given it a thumbs up…apparently not. What happened was we were updating basically the software specifically the Kaspersky Internet Security which is what we’re using here and that seem to have crashed the operating system. I am not going to blame it so much on the Kapersky what happens is if you have different operating systems but you had a Windows 8, you had a Windows 7 and you go to Windows 10.

If those are all trying to start up and they are not compatible they are going to cause a crash. In one of my previous videos I mentioned if you were going to do the upgrade one of the tips was for sure remove your anti-virus because that is probably one of the higher probabilities of pretty everything that’s staring up I would turn it off as to not create or not have any extra potential problems from the upgrade. So I’m going to follow up back with you here, I am going to start up in safe mode, we are going to remove the some of the things from the start up and uninstall Kaspersky and hopefully we’ll be back in action. Thanks for watching.

Here we are back finishing up with this, the problem was actually the Kaspersky since it had a Kaspersky version 15 which does not work on Windows 10. Obviously when the computer boots up and tries to do its updates and run properly it was creating a crash. We had to uninstall it and we used the Kaspersky uninstall tool online, you can go to and grab that from there or you try your regular uninstall depending on how bad your system is. If its corrupt sometimes you won’t be able to just uninstall from your Windows uninstall.

So here we’re just doing some updates, everything looks pretty good so far. Updating there we are going to be configuring the scans, everything else looks pretty good we did have a monkey range, we did a glitch but looks like we are going to overcome it and we should be ready. If you don’t see a follow up then it’s good to go if not I’ll be back.

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