HP Palm Rest Repair

I just came over here to Marvin’s bench and he has got a mess on his hands. What we’re doing here is changing the palm rest on this unit. Let me show you; this is the old palm rest over here. Everything looks good, but they had some dents which you can see here. The dents weren’t really the problem. If you look at these hinges and the rest of it, it’s all broken. The LCD had nowhere to grab on both sides and ended up breaking. We got the brand new one over here and you see the screws are good and everything is beautiful, but it’s a major complete assembly pretty much. The track pad…you know the track pad we had to change right? From the track pad, keyboard, motherboard…everything. So that’s what’s going on over here at PC 911.

So here we are we got the palmrest, this thing is as good new you can see how that is there. The old palmrest that I showed you guys right there and it is as good as new. Another great job over here at PC 911.

Have a Mac? Watch us repair the palm rest