What you are looking at in the below video is some brand new Lenovo units, we got three right here. This is a really good selling unit that we have shown quite a few times lately. What we do with these is talk about virus proof computers. If you have seen our videos or are following us, then you have heard us talk about these computers plenty of times.

We are talking about Linux Ubuntu distributions. You will find that these are the most virus proof operating system right now. better than Mac as far as that is concerned because I still have yet to see a an Ubuntu computer with a virus. I have seen plenty of Macs this month over here.

What we do you see the brand new units.Take them right out of the box. These are purchased brand new factory warranty. These are going to have Windows 7 Professional and we are going to install Linux Ubuntu 14. Because basically what we got going on over here is a dual boot operating system.

If you need Windows 7 for any speciality software these are going to have it and then of course for the Internet what I recommend is Linux. This will allow you to surf any website, click any link, open any email…yes open any email! You don’t have to worry about ransom ware! This benefit will be given to you with a Linux Ubuntu distribution.

So that’s what’s going on over here, if you want to shop for any one of these computers or any of our other computers.Go shop.virusproofcomputers.com and you can check out availability or just swing over the store, check them out. Thanks for watching.

See our Setup Video below

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