What are pop-ups?

Hi everybody, today I want to talk to you about pop ups. What is a pop up? Well, if you have a Windows computer and you are using the Internet you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re surfing the web, an ad displays. Sometimes some nasty ads, it could be regular ads, just all kinds of crazy stuff. You just cannot get to your websites. You’re browser is slow, all the naggy software pop ups in the world are getting in your way. Well, no need to fear, bring it in. We specialize in Windows. We call it malware – whether it be pop ups or anything else that’s getting in your way of your browsing.

Now, what happens with the pop ups sometimes they’re not malicious as in going to ruin your computer but when they start accumulating everything takes resources. They really start bogging your experience or bogging down your browser so that eventually there’s so many on there and if you don’t have a fast computer you could literally just lock up, freeze up your computer. You’re getting them from free software, music downloads thing like that, sometimes they are bundled into those softwares. Many customers come in and they can’t remember or state how they ever got it and I can tell you it’s very, very easy to be tricked into saying yes or no or install nowadays with the way that these hackers are really manipulating the web.

And psychologically getting customers to actually install all these things themselves, the bottom line is if you got pop ups we will take care of them for you here at PC 911. Come and check us out at PC 911 computer repair Miami.

Getting malware is very easy See how you can protect yourself.