Removing Chrome Malware from a Linux computer

Exploring the issue Hey guys, I got a good one here for you today. This is one of our Linux Ubuntu virus proof computer as I always say. My customer came in and told me he's got a virus. He can surf the internet, but he's got all kinds of popups and stuff. I'm [...]

How to remove Malware on a Mac

Hey guys. Here is a video for you on a Mac with some malware. Lets show you some tips on how to remove some of the simple ones. This is a unit that we actually sold to a customer. Within like 3 days he came back saying that he had pop ups and all that kind of [...]

HP laptop computer re-infected with Malware in less than 24 hrs

Re-cleaning an infected machine This is a typical scenario where we clean this computer it had malware. Junkware all the typical things that your Windows computer is getting. We did the full cleanup, everything was working perfect. Within less than 24 hours this customer comes back. He says this thing is the same as before, I [...]

Removing malware from an iMac

Anti-Virus on iMac Today we are working on an iMac and like you have been seeing on my videos. I should have started this video earlier but on with this machine. You would like have flipped with all this stuff that was on here. I do got some stuff to show you right here, we are putting Kaspersky [...]

Facebook hijacked browser

What the hijack message looks like We have a computer here that is giving us a interesting facebook message. We are going to look into this. One of the things you want to do is to actually come over and see if it’s coming from Facebook, it looks like it is.  We clicked on [...]

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