Talking about malware removal

Hi everybody, welcome back to PC 911 computer repair. Today I want to talk to you about malware removal. You’re probably saying what does that mean? Is that like a virus? Well, kind of initially when all these crazy software attacks on computers were happening we would have called them viruses. From there was other terms, WORMS and all kinds of terms depending on exactly how the software behaved they gave them different names.

Now, there are so many browser hijacks and pop ups, injections that we are using the term malware that kind of encompass everything. Malware as in malicious software so that one of the things that we do here, probably the most thing that we do here thanks to Windows which is a magnet for malware and everything else that is out there on the Internet. So we do a very, very thorough scan and disinfection, we take a look first at how bad the situation is make an evaluation of are we going to be better off doing a cleanup.

Sometimes a fres installation is the best course of action

Or if you don’t have a lot of data, you don’t really have any proprietary software or any software that is going to be an issue re-installing. Sometimes we may recommend a fresh install which guarantees everything is clean and not only that but  your Windows operating system starts fresh which is not a bad idea depending on the situation.

Now, where do we get all this malware and viruses from? In the past before the Internet it was spread by CD drives, CDs and flash drives and floppy drives all those kinds of things. Nowadays, that’s not so, now with the Internet it’s so easy for things to come in through via email, clicking on the wrong link, faking you out and telling you click here system needs to be updated and someone clicks and inject themselves that really now it’s just everywhere. How can you tell? Many times you cannot tell. You can get a fake Adobe Flash update it’s kind of crazy, one of the things I really recommend here is to stay away from the Internet on your Windows computer but that’s another conversation for another topic.

You can click on Linux computers and find out a little bit more about that. So from A-Z whether it be a pop-up, a virus, a WORM, a malware injection, a browser hijack A-Z we call it malware and yes we will take care of it. Clean it up and eradicate it here at our Miami computer repair shop.

Interested in getting a Virus Free computer? Yes we can help with that.