Hey guys what’s up today we have an HP 15, model number G020DX with a broken screen that we will be replacing. We start this fix by popping off the external battery if the pc you are working on has an internal battery you should disconnect it. For this pc, we used a little pick to separate the plastic trim around the screen this one did not have any screws only clips so if yours does have screws be sure to take them off before, once it’s done you can look for a week spot in the slit where you can stick the pick in and start unclipping the clips slowly because you don’t want to break all of the clips which could happen if you are not careful. Be patient with it as some sides may be harder than the others. Once you see that all the clips came off you can take the trim right off except if your pc has something else you have to do before in my case the trim was also held down by a foam tape that held it across the bottom, this one was attached to a ribbon that was then attached to the plastic trim, also be aware that some of these plastic trims will be attached to the hinges whether it is one piece, in that case, you will have to remove the hinge to remove the trim or it can be two separate things and not even be connected to the hinge or like in my case it was 2 pieces that I unclipped from the hinge and the plastic trim finally came off. If it did have the tape you will more likely want to leave it there so it can be taped again with the same one. Once the disassembly is complete, we can remove the screen by removing four screws, also a tip is to tighten the hinge screws as well as they do come loose after a while. This screen was only held one by 4 screws but some can also be connected by screws on the side of it. Once it is unscrewed, we can remove the tape that has the pins connecting the screen off gently. And the replacement process is pretty similar with the new screen place the tape with the pins back on where it should go on the new screen and power on the computer to test and make sure the new screen is functional with the screen working after we did a pixel test to make sure it is all working the screen was replaced. With everything being a success, the last part is to put everything back in place. Powering down the computer first after testing it, then placing the screen back onto its mount and screwing back in those 4 screws, taping the plastic trim up at the bottom first before clipping it all into place. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.