MacBook Air A1466 LCD Replacement

Hey guys what’s going on. Today we have a MacBook Air A1466 with a broken LCD screen and we will be replacing it today. We start by removing the screws off the bottom cover and it should just pop off. Then we will first disconnect the battery which should always be the first thing to do before disconnecting anything. Then we disconnect the LCD flex and the Wi-Fi connector as well as the webcam connector which is under a plastic cover that you can just pull up. With a torques 5 screw bit you can unscrew the screws next to the fan to get the pull tab by the speaker and the speaker flex off as well as the side mic flex. From there we can take the fan out which would be much easier so we won’t have to take the motherboard out. With the fan out you can grab onto the screen cable much easier. From there we can start taking the screws off the hinges but leaving one so it can still open. Once the screen opens up all the way and unscrew the last screw and it should just come right off. On to the new screen, we will open up those hinges right the same amount the old ones were opened up to so it goes in place much easier, once it’s on align the holes and place the screws. From there connect the speaker flex and side mic flex as well as the screen cable. Once it is done put the screws holding it in place back and place the fan back on too and screw it in as well. Now that you have those in place back that plastic cover and reconnect the Wi-Fi cable by extending the cable and connecting it where it goes and tucking the cable in the slit where it was. Last but not least connect the LCD flex and the battery as well to move on to testing the screen. The computer booted up and the screen was fine but we had to make sure it all worked so like always when we do a screen replacement we ran a pixel test which can be found on google and we went through it as well as a webcam check once it’s all done to make sure the hinge screws are fully tighten by losing them up opening the screen then closing it back up and tighten them all the way and then place back the cover and screw everything in, with everything working the repair was a success. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.