Lenovo 2 Pro LCD screen flickering when on battery power

Lenovo 2 Pro LCD screen flickering when running on battery power Hello everybody. You I want to show you a Yoga 2 Pro that we worked on and gave us a couple of little issues, So I want to provide you with some tips if you were to run into these same problems. So one of [...]

Testing AIO touch screen

All-in-One Quick Tip Hey guys what's up. Welcome back to what's going on at PC 911. I've been out of touch but we're getting back in touch. So here we're taking a look at this all-in-one touchscreen and I just want to show you some quick ways to check one of these. Maybe you're [...]

Acer Laptop Screen Repair

Hey guys, here we are at PC 911 showing you some of the stuff that we are doing. It is one of the most common things that we do aside from malware removal of course. Windows disaster repairs as in LCD. We’ve seen that when open up your laptop and that screen is cracked [...]

Mackbook Retina Screen Change

Retina repairs are difficult Hey everybody, welcome back here at PC 911 and sometimes people ask what do you guys do over there? Well, we do everything. We do what everybody else doesn’t want to do. Like this right here. We got a Mackbook Air retina. I mean this is a serious job actually. [...]

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