Let’s make a virus proof HP laptop. This unit, its an Hp, its a little banged up. Its running Windows 8 we are going to upgrade, wipe out everything and install a fresh Windows 10. We are going to virus proof this baby as well. We are going to install Linux Ubuntu on this. Then we are going to have a dual boot. Computer is going to boot up as the primary operating system will be Linux. The secondary will be Windows 10. We already ran a test on it and a lot of the newer Hps are running a Wifi chipset or a Wifi driver that’s not very compatible. That’s this little guys right here. We are going to swap that out and put in a Linux compatible one. We should be good to go and I will show you how it goes.

Hey guys, so here we are back with the hp. We got both operating systems installed, we got Linux installed on there and we got Windows 10 going to show you how that boots up. We got the two operating systems right there. Basically this gives you the option here to choose…let’s go into the Linux.

Just hit enter and actually right next to it we’ve got another unit. We’re doing the same exact thing here. Windows 10 with Linux Ubuntu as well. So this is booting up and going to bring us up to the desktop over here. Very simple, again you have seen some of the other videos you are going to be running your Chrome and your firefox for your web content.

We have also included on it Kodi on it so the movie box KodiPi box basically that software is built in. This thing is ready to go. We do a quick pause, do a restart and show you if you want to go into your Windows. You just basically restart right here and just let this run through so you can see kind of how it works. Doesn’t take too long to boot up. We’re going to be back on that purple screen again. We are going to drop down with the keyboard select Windows 10, there is little funky screen there and…there you go.

So we got ourselves, this customer got himself a virus proof computer. He’s got Windows if he wants software but when he surfs on the internet he doesn’t have to worry about viruses and malware, doesn’t have to worry about email opening up. Don’t have to worry about randsomware…he is good to go.

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