Discussing Linux OS

Hey everybody, welcome back to PC 911 computer repair. Today I want to talk to you about Linux. Linux is an operating system like Windows, like the Mac operating system or the Apple operating system. It is one of the top three operating systems out on the market for computers. We are not talking about tablets, we are not talking about cell phones. It’s very stable. As a matter of fact more than half of the Internet servers run on Linux. The most popular version of Linux is called Android. It’s very highly used – that’s just a version of Linux that runs on phones.

So Linux is this base operating system and from there people build on the top it and make different versions. There’s over 100 versions of Linux.

The primary one that we recommend here or that we install is called ubuntu, funny name, great product. One of the reasons I highly recommend it is that it’s virtually virus proof. I know some people are going to say no you can’t say it. Sure I can say that. I haven’t had a virus on one of those. It’s very, very difficult number one because there is no viruses made for it. Secondly there is a different structure so it’s a more difficult. The community around it really stays on top of it as well.

Any vulnerability that may arise they get resolved right away, so the Linux operating system we do several things. If you have a Window we can install Linux on your computer. Regardless if it is Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 what have you. We also sell new and used computers with Linux on them as well.

What dual-boot is

How we recommend and we do the installation we do what is called a dual-boot you have two operating systems. If you bring in a computer with Windows 7, we will leave your Windows 7 and add the Linux version. You will have two systems completely. What I recommend is to just use your Windows for the programs that require Windows, maybe a Quick books, maybe an ITunes sync something like that. But when you are ready to use the Internet you do not need Windows at all for the Internet at all as a matter of fact it’s the worst operating system that you can use on the Internet because every virus on the planet is looking for Windows computer to infect.

So the scenario is dual-boot up operating systems is Windows for Windows proprietary software but Internet would be through the Linux. They come with two browsers already installed – Chrome but that’s the browser at the moment and Fire Fox.

These are the browsers you can add but those are the two that I recommend just they are so popular you’re probably already familiar with them. So once you open up your Linux desktop and you click on Chrome there is really no difference in your experience than any other computer. Other than no viruses, no pop ups, click any link, open any email you do not have to worry about that anymore.

Everybody that I have installed a Linux system on I’ll follow up with them 6 months later and I’ll ask them they are happy with it and I’ll ask them what’s the percentage of use on Windows and on Linux. And they wind up most of the times telling me they haven’t used Windows in months because the average person is using mostly Internet.

Some benefits of using Linux

70/80% of their experience and the computer is all Internet based, great, great operating system to just really enjoy the web like it should be, you should not have to go on the web and be so concerned about anywhere you click, anything you open, emails, locking up your computer, infecting your computer all those crazy things. So we are one in a few computer repair shops for Miami doing Linux installations is a very, very specialty item and especially with the dual-boot operating system. So if that sounds like something you are interested in…enjoying the web, again come visit us at PC 911.

Take a look how easy Linux with Chrome browser is.