Other services at PC 911

Hey everybody, I want to talk to you about some of our other services, aside from your laptops and desktops services that we offer over here at PC 911 Computer Repair in Miami. Today I am talking about tablets. It could be an iPad or a Galaxy. Samsung frankly has probably 10 or 15 types of tablets. So tablets in general. Frankly a tablet is a computer same way as a phone nowadays is a computer the only thing is of course on the tablet you are not speaking and there is some kind of crazy tablets out there with SIM cards in them and you can actually speak on them too.

Look a little weird that big giant tablet on your ear but if you had a Bluetooth it probably wouldn’t be so bad but getting back to the point of the video. We are expanding our services beyond the traditional laptop and desktop now into the tablets whether it be an iPad or a Galaxy Tab or a Samsung, it be any other you’ve the Nexus devices, all those are computers. Now the operating system is you know much more stable than say a Windows computer primarily our repairs there for the most part more hardware related number one being the digitizer or the glass. But we could also repair charging ports, home buttons, speakers are sometimes a problem jamming out blasting those speakers. So any of those items if you got a tablet and you got a problem bring it to PC 911.

Watch us work on a Samsung tablet repair.