I want to show you a little video on how easy a Linux computer is. I have some people asking me about a Linux or they hear me talking about a Linux. And my recommendations about not using Windows for the Internet. Complicated and all those kinds of things. I got to learn a new system and pretty just all that kind of stuff.

I want to show you the simplified version. I’m not going to do a 1 hour tutorial but the main point about Linux and why I recommend it for the Internet. Is because here we fix computers every day and Windows and the Internet is just not a good mix. Every virus on the planet is trying to get into your Windows computer. So why would you use Windows for the Internet? Basically, I see like no reason. Unless you have a particular program and that requires it and then that’s fine. So what I recommend and what we sell here, promote, the whole 9 yards is dual boot operating systems.

That’s a computer with 2 operating systems Windows because there maybe programs that are very common. That you might use a program to run on Windows. To use the Internet does not mean Windows therefore. When you want to go on the Internet all you really need is a browser. Here for example we open up Chrome and well I got a whole lot of tabs opening up let me simplify this. Down but basically don’t be scared of it being complicated.

This is our desktop yes these buttons are on the other side and you may not recognize these icons. The simplest way I can put it is once you get to this desktop all you are going to do is click on Chrome. Most users probably spend 80% of their time on a browser. We have Chrome I mean there are other browsers that we can install here but we have Chrome the default. The standard installation comes with Chrome and FireFox so once you open up your Chrome browser.

There is really no difference at all everything here is the same so I tell people don’t get caught up with all the intricacies about the operating system. Once you’re in Chrome everything works exactly the same so it really doesn’t matter if it’s Linux or anything else as far as your use is concerned. Now as far as your stability, as far as not getting naggy malware and all that sure you’re not going to have any problems here whatsoever.

So as you can see if we are going to go to YouTube. And everything is just going to work exactly the same. So if you know how to use Chrome. You know how to use Chrome on Linux. Very, very simple so don’t get caught up you. Want to get yourself a virus proof computer. It’s going to be a Linux computer we have them here at PC 911 and it’s as easy as using your Chrome browser. Thanks for watching.

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