I want to show you how to correct troubleshoot basic Linux networking issues. You come up here to the right to the networking icon. It’s that little signal cone kind of like on your phone type of deal and when you get that drop down. You’re going to see here in the check mark for to enable Wi-Fi and enable networking. So if any of those two are checked maybe you inadvertently checked that. Or what have you so that’s the first thing you would do is ensure that those are checked.

So for example. If it was unchecked right there you would have no Wi-Fi. And if it was unchecked it would have no networking at all as you can see. So if yours is off you would see this here where you get no drop down. And you can just see the enabled network which is completely off. So you would click that and that would enable your networking and then you would enable your Wi-Fi. If you’re using Wi-Fi and that would get you back online.

Also if you come in here and you see that it’s unable and you’re getting no connections. Another you can try is disabling and then re-enable. So those are kind of like little glitches that you might run into. The other thing I wanted to show you here is about editing connections. Let’s say you’ve changed your password or you are having some other type of trouble with networking you can go here to edit connections.

you can see the list of all the Wi-Fi’s connected to especially like for especially laptop you probably have a bunch of little places McDonald’s. Starbucks what have you, you might have them all there. So there you can just go what I would suggest there is just go to the different connections and just basically delete them all and start fresh actually at your home. If there’s a password just delete and start fresh.So that another little troubleshooting tips for you as well. So cover troubleshooting tips for you on Linux and thanks for watching, I’ll see you in the next video.