Troubleshooting a Mac

I’ve got a good video for you here if you have a Mac and you’re having some problems. I’m going to show you what we do here. When you got a Mac, this Mac was going a white screen actually was giving just the Apple logo. Then it would go in a solid white screen you’re seeing a blue now. I’m going to show you the kind of different things that we did. You can see it’s kind of standing up right, sorry about that. We just flipped it over cause basically we just one of the things we do.

We just disconnect all the components, this is one of the ways you’re going to check. If it’s the mother board or if it’s something shorting shorting it out. So you can see here we got pretty much everything disconnected. We got the battery disconnected, the keyboard is disconnected, and we have the CD and speakers. Pretty much every connection.

After everything has been disconnected

Okay its off that‘s everything that you wouldn’t want to do, we changed the RAM, so we have a different RAM on there just in case it could be that and the fans are running, so all your peripherals are disconnected even the hard drives we got an external hard drive right here with a fresh installed that we know is a good install so we ran that and we were still getting the solid white screen.

We did a P RAM reset, and now what we did now the final outcome here is that we did a safe boot as well and our safe boot is giving us this blue screen, so what this is telling me, after all these different test as you see we are running off an external keyboard that way we have everything disconnected and it’s going to be something on this motherboard and we’re going to say it’s graphic, so it’s got a graphic problem on there, so we pretty much it about several eliminations we’ve excluded everything the only thing left is the mother board, you know we’ve excluded out operating system and everything else so that’s what we do here.

What we did

So we do mother board repairs, we send them out so even in this case here we give the customer a quote, if he wants a send out this unit for repair we’ll remove the whole board and send it out and he can still get it fixed, it’s a big unit it’s a i7 so it should be worth the repair. So I just want to show you a little video of other little tricks of the trade here behind the scene at PC 911.

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