Hey everybody, here is a quick video for you to remind you on your Linux computer on your Ubuntu to please do your updates. This client came in, he has some failed updates and came to check out also he says his Windows side is a disaster but he says he’s got 350 updates pending. Now, as you all know Linux updates all the software on your computer not just the operating system you can set it to check daily, you can set it to check weekly or not check at all etc.

It has way more updates and patches than Windows. Or any other operating system there’s more people working on it they patch them more readily. When as soon as a fix or patch is available they just shoot it out there. They don’t wait till once a month sometimes like Microsoft does.

So it is quite simple when you see it just do your update step up-to-date maybe you don’t want to do daily but at least once a week. Get those updates and you don’t let them get to 350 at a time.

Because that can lead to problems with those updates because some of them are contingents. One is contingent upon another etc, etc. Also this is a version 12 so it’s a little bit older OS. This customer had this for couple of years no problems at all.

His Windows is completely unoperational and they need some software to run in Windows for school. Some websites that are requiring Explorer so he brought it in to fix that. But then we just noticed this here that frankly the guy hasn’t been keeping up. Right so the tip here is just stay on top your updates on your Linux computer. Don’t let them build up like that you know 40/50 at a time would be fine. Thanks for watching guys.

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