Removing Chrome Malware from a Linux computer

Exploring the issue Hey guys, I got a good one here for you today. This is one of our Linux Ubuntu virus proof computer as I always say. My customer came in and told me he's got a virus. He can surf the internet, but he's got all kinds of popups and stuff. I'm [...]

Linux Ubuntu updates – do your part

Hey everybody, here is a quick video for you to remind you on your Linux computer on your Ubuntu to please do your updates. This client came in, he has some failed updates and came to check out also he says his Windows side is a disaster but he says he’s got 350 updates [...]

Troubleshooting Linux Ubuntu Networking – Basic

I want to show you how to correct troubleshoot basic Linux networking issues. You come up here to the right to the networking icon. It’s that little signal cone kind of like on your phone type of deal and when you get that drop down. You’re going to see here in the check mark [...]

Ubuntu printer install

Installing a printer in Linux Ubuntu is easy Let us help you install a printer in Ubuntu, the easy way. Be sure to watch our other helpful Ubuntu tutorial videos!

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