Hey everybody, welcome back. I want to show you some more hard drive problems seems like lately we’re having a lot of hard drive problems coming in. But I want to show you something here that I haven’t done a video about. Basically. We’re here on disk 4, it’s showing up, you see it there. This 4th partition G which is raw not readable by Windows. When you plug it in it ask to reformat the drive. So we have a tool here that sometimes fixes that so we’re running it just to show you that.

First, actually before we get into that. I recommend you make an image of that drive. I just recently did a video on so you want to go take a look at that. That way when you run this other tool if something goes wrong. There is still  an intact image of the first one. So this tool here is MiniTool Partition Wizard which is free. You should be able to find that online and basically you are going to go here and find your partition this will allow me to move this around. So we are on this partition right here G and it is actually running, we went over here to Check File System, right here and then you have two options here at the top.

Check only and check and fix detected errors. So we clicked on that and we clicked on start so that’s running there. You can see this has been running for couple of minutes now. And it is kind stuck right there at the beginning. So the hard drive has issues usually you see these numbers just run up really fast and you can start seeing there record files are just unreadable. So this is going to run through and we’ll see what happens but this data maybe gone, maybe some of these things get fixed so I will give you a little follow up and let you know how this went in a second video.

Hey guys, here’s a follow up this thing is at 51% I didn’t take a look at the time it was but it definitely has been over an hour for a lot of these things you have to have patience. We’ve had some luck I’m going to scroll through so you see some of the log of all the different errors, repairs that have been going on.

You can see all those repairs going on there, we don’t know how this is going to wined up, I don’t really got a very good feeling about this drive. So I’m not going to bore you but you see that’s where we started off 51% it’s probably going to run all night. And we’ll catch it in the morning and where it’s at in a follow up and we’ll let you know what’s happening if we are able to read this or not.

Hey everybody. Here we go it’s finished I left it overnight and as you can see this is probably the longest log.  I have seen for this software in repairs so you can take a look there. All the different things. This kind of had me worried I didn’t think this was going to come out alive out of this deal. But it make a ton load of repairs and the hard drive is visible. We look at it right here. Local G. You can actually see it did fix stuff. We can actually see the folders there even though  this hard drive is not in great shape. I’m going to show you the report from the…this is it right here.

While it’s in green it’s got a health of 59%. So even though it’s functional I’m going to recommend she change your hard drive and there is a report there. We got there 44 bad sectors, 5100 errors etc and this actually gives you an estimate of life left. So I provide this to the customer and they can decide. You know if they want to take their chance or if they want to replace it. And they really don’t have to worry about a least for the time being. So that’s the wrap up of this series the bad hard drive not readable. Windows asking to reformat it. It actually had a cyclical redundancy error and fixed it up with Mini Partition Tool. A free software online and catch you in our next video. Thanks for watching.

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