Hey everybody, I want to shed some light on some of these Windows 10 updates. Some of our customers told us that they just have their Windows 10 upgrade by itself and initially .I just thought you know that some people are just really not paying attention. They are clicking on the install. Seems to not be the case and I’ll show you some interesting things going on here with this computer.

First of all we got down here we’ve got our Windows logo or the Windows 10 logo. I should say it talks about getting the update. So we haven’t requested the update. We haven’t done these the registration or the request for upgrade nothing like that. This is almost a fresh install. So we got that down there.

Now, what we are seeing here this computer is it shows the upgrade to Windows 10. And we don’t want to do that. We are actually updating or doing the Windows update and was trying to close and it kept coming back.  So basically I would come up here and then I wind up you know selecting some of these updates. When I would start installing it would automatically go into the Windows upgrade.

So I did that a couple of times stopped it and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I figured out and want to show it to you guys. This is just you know showing me that Microsoft with Windows 10 is getting extremely aggressive or desperate I don’t know which one of the two.

So what I want to show you here is when you see that screen basically. What’s going on is this right here. You see that there if you click get started. It’s going to update. If you click here select updates.  You select some of these you’re also going to get started with the update. Here what’s happening if you notice here unchecked and if we look here pretty much everything looks unchecked. But it’s really not but. Noticed down here it’s going to look obvious to you. Now but I really hadn’t paid attention.

Even though all these are unchecked. We get one little option update checked and that’s an optional it shouldn’t be checked at all. They are never are as a matter of fact the important one sometimes. Don’t have check marks on them. So this is what I found here and there are 86 optional if we go all the way down to the bottom and there it is. So this is you know checking itself in the optional category which should which is crazy and what’s worse than that is I have already unchecked it and you should be able to right click hide this update. And that’s typically how you would just get rid of an update that you don’t want to come back but that’s not working.

So I’m giving you heads up right here. I did that I did some updates 10 or 15 because this had like 100 and something updates. Don’t like doing 100 at a time. I like to break them up and every time I had to come here and turn that off. So guarantee this computer at some point the user is going to wind up inadvertently installing this one way or the other. And this is also with these settings that we have here which are we have this to check for updates but let the user chose whether to download or install them.

Recommended updates – off, Microsoft update – off, so I mean that should not be there at all. I mean I have never seen anything checked off in there and much less the oddest part.

So that’s kind of a heads up if you want to avoid the Windows 10 update. Which I’m recommending you don’t do it but if you are steering away from it every time you do an update keep your eyes peeled, take a look I would unselect everything and then take a look down here.

And if you are going to wind up doing one of these selections. I’d actually scroll through here and see if you actually see it dug in there. So no matter what Windows 10 wants to get on your computer. Be careful with that. Hope this helps sorry for the long video. But I thought it was super interesting on my part and I’ll be with you…Thanks for watching.

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