Retina repairs are difficult

Hey everybody, welcome back here at PC 911 and sometimes people ask what do you guys do over there? Well, we do everything. We do what everybody else doesn’t want to do. Like this right here. We got a Mackbook Air retina. I mean this is a serious job actually. So serious that I did one and then from then on haven’t done anymore. I recruited Jerry over here, Jerry knew how difficult this was. I said Jerry you want to try? He says yes and now he knows why I asked him to do it. Because it is a pain in the royal behind. If you screw up this machine it’s like 13 hundred dollars. So here you are seeing basically it’s you know taken a part these little what you see white there is the backlight.

And those you can’t screw them up, you can’t scratch them or any wrong move and the backlight is gone and this is the actual screen if you look at it turn it around you see how thin this is. I mean its so fragile that any wrong move putting it in, you get one shot at putting it in because you have stickers here all the way around. If you misjudge and you put it in wrong you cannot take it out with0ut breaking it, so most shops aren’t going to mess around with it. So we go Jerry here and he is awesome and he’s got this down pat. So anything you need, whether it be a simple OS install, virus removal or a complicated Mackbook Pro retina screen change – we got it here at PC 911.

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