Another virus and malware victim

Hey everybody, welcome back here we are at PC 911 with another virus/malware victim. This screen here basically it’s like a fake Blue Screen of Death – BSOD. It’s kind of something that you see when you have errors on your computer. So it looks that there was an error back there and then this long explanation of what’s going on. And if you listen to this I am going to put the volume up a little bit it’s pretty loud. (Voice: Please call the numbers provided as soon as possible. You will be guided for the removal of the malware/spyware or virus on your computer. Seeing these pop ups means that you have a virus installed on your computer. Which puts the security of your personal data at risk.) ok we heard you.

First off I want to tell everybody that no computer message is going to tell you to call a number. That just doesn’t happen. None of the computer manufacturers have pop up with umbers for you to call and typically if you haven’t heard of you know Microsoft, Samsung, Hp, they don’t call you either. So when you get a call that says ‘Hey, we know you have a Windows computer and it’s infected and we are calling you to help you’, that’s a fake call.

Checking if the error is legitamte

Now what they are doing here is reverse so people are kind of caught on to that , here now they are giving you a pop up you know to make it look like a company and they are providing you with a pop to make it look like a computer error legit and they provide you with the number to call, either way no good. I don’t know how she got this but I mean here but here she got a URL so it might just be that place you were on that’s prompting it. I am not going to click on it now because we basically going into the virus removal/malware removal and just get everything cleaned up.

But in this case she did a good job she left it right there she brought in without trying to fix things. Many times you know the customers are going out there and try to fix it themselves so they wind up going to another site and maybe typing up I don’t know Blue Screen of Death malware removal. And you are going to wind up at another malware site downloading more malware. Highly not recommended, bring it in to us of if you have a trusted person that does it for a living and not your neighbour, not the guy who cuts the grass you know take it to someone that’s doing this for a living because these things are changing constantly. And of course, better yet you know where I am going you are just not seeing this anymore.

If you can, use a different OS

Frankly I’m telling my customers you know just don’t use Windows for the internet anymore our virus free computers have two operating systems they Windows and then they have Linux which is basically different from Chrome and Firefox which is just immune to all of this crazy stuff. So really now-a-days it’s really not a whole lot of reasons why you need to use Windows for the internet you know you might have certain programs that you have and want to run on Windows and that is perfectly find. But for sure and really 80% of the stuff that you’re doing you don’t need Windows at all, check us out at and check us out right here at the store, come pay us a visit and we will show you a demo. Thanks for watching.

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