Hey guys, welcome back here’s is a quick video for you. We have a gaming PC here if you look at it super nice. Some of these gaming PCs that is in it is actually not building in it. These people that are buying parts putting them together and then winding up bring them to us because it’s not working. So the first question you want to ask yourself is do you want to get into this yourself? Or maybe you should just come see us. Let us do it for you but either way. I want to give you some tips on what happened here. When you buy all new parts and it doesn’t work.

You really don’t know what’s the missing component here, is it the motherboard? It is the video card? Is it the power button? We recently had a unit here I think we did a video on it where the water cooler was bad out of the box. The case was bad with the power button right out of the box. This case is similar they are all brand new parts. While there were some connections that weren’t properly connected the power supply, it’s a really nice power supply it is bad right out of the box.

So we went through everything, made sure everything was connected properly and tested each part piece by piece it takes awhile but it up and running. All they got to do replace that power supply and they are go to go. So if you want to build a computer you better bring it to us or just make sure that you test all your individual parts before you put it together and otherwise you might blow some of your time on it. Thanks for watching.

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