Re-cleaning an infected machine

This is a typical scenario where we clean this computer it had malware. Junkware all the typical things that your Windows computer is getting. We did the full cleanup, everything was working perfect. Within less than 24 hours this customer comes back. He says this thing is the same as before, I can’t surf a website etc.

Let me show you what happened for your benefit. Unfortunately for this client, we have here the Chrome history. We go to the Chrome history and we take a look and we see you know what’s going on, where he has been. And basically, probably what happened to him from here is that he went to download this program here. This Wonder Share Video Editor.

It’s easy to get infected

He wind up going to this site here that . These websites where you go and they have all the downloads of all the free programs and all that kind of stuff basically their whole purpose and point of existence is for you to go there to find something and then load up a bunch of crap and junk on your computer.

Well that’s what happened to him. The recommendation here would have been to go to here to this site here on this wonder share if you look at the extension that’s the direct site from the developer.

That’s what you want to do, you want to directly to the developer site and download it from there not from these softtonic, all those things. Basically he was junked up here on this computer again within less than 24 hours. So this could happen to you as well.

Free doesn’t always mean free

I would just number one recommend staying away from all this free stuff number one, number two go directly to the developer’s site and best of all you know where I am going…Linux. With Linux this would not happen, you’d be surfing, clicking any link, opening any email. None of these Windows problems you will have when you’re running Linux. Thanks for watching.

Think you have a virus? Watch this and make sure.