I want to show you here this is a customer that got a crypto virus on his computer. He called me up and he told me that he was opening up his Word documents. They had changed names and renamed formats and didn’t recognize and those kind of things.

So I immediately told him more and likely if that’s what you’re seeing. Changed names or folders you probably got a crypto virus and that is encrypting your data. Let me show you. Things like that is a folder there and it changes at the extension to zepto or to something else.

But basically when he went here to open up his documents he’s seeing that there is something going on. Now. This is an interesting case and that’s why I am doing this video to help. Everybody out that may be in this situation. He called me right away as soon as I heard what was happening I told him shut down your computer. Force shut down do not turn it back on.

What happens with the crypto virus it starts encrypting your drive but you are not going to know this. It’s not going to give you a warning or a notification. When its done encrypting the whole computer that’s when you get the warning.

So if you noticed something like this or a file has changed name or the extensions has changed name. The encrypting is on its way. The only way to stop that is to shut down your computer. In this case he did shut it down so the encrypting did finish and I am going to show you that.

So it’s a long process depending on which you’re doing with your computer as you can see it didn’t get here. The PDFs I briefly opened up some PDFs. Here is some contract PDFs these have not been encrypted yet. The point here is when you feel that you are getting encrypted or you see any sign of that you got to shut down your computer. Again. Just to show you here before its starting to take a walk. Another thing you are going to notice is that your computer is going to slow down because the hard drive is cranking and look at all this stuff encrypted now.

You’re probably wondering how are you accessing this file if its a crypto virus. Isn’t it encrypting your hard drive and the answer is no. We are on a Linux computer look at this bar over here that the Ubuntu logo right there. So what we did here is we took this hard drive out. We put it on a Linux desktop right here all viruses and malwares are written for a specific operating system. So this is written for Windows, first thing we have got to do is not put this on a Windows computer otherwise that computer is going to have a problem as well.

Save that and then we are wipe the computer. Reinstall Windows and he’s going to start from scratch. That’s your tip if you notice anything odd shut it down, bring it to PC 911 or if you have a Linux computer and then you are good to go. This will never happen to you and if you want a Linux computer we’re probably I think the ones in Miami very few people are selling Linux computers.

We are selling brand new Linux laptops, Linux desktops. Dual boot it so you can have Linux and Windows at the same time and have the best of both worlds and not worry about viruses again. So that’s your tip. Thanks for watching.

Hey, I just want to show you a little bit more I didn’t go over this but basically all the files or folders would have this help file. So if you are watching video you’re saying how do you know it’s a crypto virus. It always has a little help file that tell you right there which gives you the instructions of to get your stuff back if you want to pay $500.
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