Dell 3550 Screen goes Black after Windows 10 Update

Here at PC 911, we received a Dell 3550 with a screen that goes black after Windows 10 update. The PC worked fine but the video did not come out of the screen so we attached it to an external screen and it was working so we got to work on the PC, we went through the drivers and they were all good, the PC was a Windows 7 that got updated to a Windows 10. Once the check was done, I saw many people were having this issue. I checked the BIOS and realized it was from 2011 so from there we upgraded the correct BIOS from the Dell website and saw they had the same bios with an updated version from 2014.

The BIOS upgrade is risky so do at your own precaution because it can terminate the computer if it crashes. From there update the BIOS it will do it by itself and the computer will automatically restart at the end. Once the new BIOS was updated the screen was working once it booted up. The repair was a success and we did all the necessary checks as well. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.