Let me show you how to edit file permissions on a Mac

Generally, you’ll come here, and you’re going to see, if you boot from another user or another hard drive, you’re going to find that the user folders, generally, are not going to allow you to access to some. They’re going to have a little red dots. Most of these I have already done, so I’m going to show you this one here. You can see this in the iCloud drive; you see that desktop icon has got the little red. But typically all these will have red dots. As I said, I already did all those and decided to do the video now.

So what you’re going to do is whichever has the red dot, you’re going to right click or two-finger click and get info. This sharing panel down here is the one that you’re going to access. If it’s closed, you’re going to click, open it up and it tells you there who has access to it, right? So we don’t have access to it. Christian Aguilar is the user there. So we’re going to click on this lock down here, unlock it, put your password, this is the current user that we have right now. Then unlock that, we’re going to hit this plus at the bottom. So we’re going to add ourselves. We’re going to go to My Mac user, and we’re going to select that, then we’re going to come down here to this gear and apply to enclosed items, and then we are going to hit OK, and then you’re going to see the little circle came off, and then you will click and open up. I mean, there’s nothing in there, but that’s what you would do there. It’s pretty straight up. Pretty simple.

Let’s do one more real quick

For example, this document folder? If you click on it, it says, you know you don’t have permission, you can’t access it; Two-finger click or right click, Get info, unlock, add, My mac, which is the current user that I have here with this unit, apply. As a little note, when you’re adding these. I added myself, just as read-only because I’m just going to be dragging stuff. But there’s also, you know, reading and write permissions as well. So if you think you’ll need to read and write, you can adjust that. OK. I just did Read-only. And you’ll see that other one also came off. Is there anything in there? There’s nothing in there anyway.

Alright, guys, thanks for watching.