How to change your Windows 10 Password on a local account.

Link to download:​ Hey everybody, today I’m going to show you how to change your password on a local windows 10 or 7 account if you have it linked to a Microsoft account you will not be able to do it. I will be using a program called “NTPWEdit” I have the program running on the computer, but the disk that is missing the password on an external dock. If you cannot access the drive you’ll need to boot to an external drive or a disk boot. Once it is open the Drive is chosen by default to the C: drive, so you’ll need to choose the drive that is missing the password once you got it, choose the user that it is and hit change password and change it to something you’ll know. Once it is done press “save changes” from there you can test the drive by booting to it or placing it back on the computer and trying it out, in this case we just placed it back on the computer that needed it. On the computer we typed in the password that we changed it too, and it opened to the user with no problem. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair