Hey guys, here we are at PC911. Which we should say PC/cell phone 911 because this is not a PC this is an iPhone 5. Which basically had water damage. fell in a pool. So we do water damaged phones depending on the condition of this one here. Looks like it was not too bad. We removed all the shields that you see and this is called re-flow. When you re-heat it you got to know obviously the right temperatures not to burn it out. Get all the moisture out of it and also apply just enough heat to get all the connections flowing again and we will follow up and see if we bring life to this baby. 

So here we are the moment of truth, let’s see if this phone is back in action. We got a little Apple, that’s good news and let’s see what we’ve got. This basically is water damaged. We took the phone completely apart as you saw in a prior video and basically we are going to call it a reflow of the motherboard, we’ll just call it that. And sometimes it will come back, sometimes it won’t depending on how much damage and how much time that damaged has been basically I guess on the motherboard how bad it gets.

So here we go…these phones sometimes they could work for a month, they could work for a year so if you do something like this you know you probably definitely make sure you got to back up all those good things and there we go. We are back up in action, so we are doing it all here at PC911. We are doing screen repairs, earphone jacks, power buttons…you name it, motherboard repairs. Come check us out!

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