Hey guys, what’s up? I’m going to show you what’s going on over here today. We’ve got, this was an SSD recovery let me go back and show you this right here. This is the SSDs that the Macs are using MacBook Pro, Airs they are proprietary. This connection here is proprietary it’s not something just generic as far as proprietary connections I have identified three. This specimen came in with this drive which I should have done a recovery for it. I said sure we got Macs here in the house. The easiest way to do it is to actually is to just grab a Mac.  Put it on there and we had three. We had a MacBook Air. We had a couple of MacBook Pros here. I had my MacBook Air as well so the first two we just didn’t work.

We finally got this MacBook Pro late model. This one does have the same connector and this is the customer’s drive right there. So this is the easiest way to do it. There are some external adaptors and we actually had an external adapter. It did not work they are very tricky. Basically if you are going to do this you are just going to find yourself a Mac that is compatible.

Unfortunately, in this case it did not boot so what you’re going to do in that case if it does not boot you want to have yourself an external drive with the operating system on it like we have here. I know some of these videos that I do show a lot of software and tools but if you don’t have these things you just can’t do it. We connected it here, we boot it up to this OS and then we go to the disk utility and it’s not there, the only hard drive that’s present is the external one.

Unfortunately, in this case this SSD looks like its kind of dead . So just a couple of tips on these hard drives, also if you are going to do an upgrade you have to make sure you got the right version. You just can’t buy MacPro, MacAir SSD drive you got make sure you got the right one. Look up the right serial number online and I’ll put a link on the bottom of this page for where go with your serial number. It will give you all the specs of your Mac so you’re able to order whether it be an SSD or any other part they are pretty tricky. So that’s what’s going on here today at PC 911.

Let’s take a look at another example of a bad SSD hard drive