MacBook Air A1932 LCD Replacement

Here at PC 911, we received a MacBook Air A1932 with a broken screen. The fix was to replace the broken screen with a brand new one. We started in the fix by removing the back cover which was simply done by removing the screws holding it in place and un-clipping the clips as well. Once that was done the next step was to disconnect the battery from the board which was connected by a push back clip which you can press and disconnect the battery. From there we begin on removing the antenna: first, we took a picture of where the screws went so when its time to put them back you know what goes where, then we remove the screws from the antenna along with the flex connecting the board to the LCD in the middle, once everything is off the antenna will pop out and you’ll have to wiggle it a little until it comes out completely it is held by little ridges that pop into 3 slits, which makes it easy to place back in.

Once completed with that we can remove the screws that are left on the hinge of the screen, to place the new screen easier match up the angle in which it came out so it slides right in then place back the screws on the hinges, close the computer screen and readjust the tightness of the screws. After that placing the antenna back is simple as it is just inserting the ridges into the slits that are there and once it is in place mount the screws and attach the flex connecting the board to the LCD. When the new screen is mounted and everything is connected and stable re-connect the battery and power on the MAC to run an LCD test, primarily it is just a screen that will the whole screen and it goes through all of the colors the pixel gives off just to make sure they are all working, then test the webcam and microphone as well. We also ran a post check on the MAC and with everything functioning well, the repair was a success. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.

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