Viruses, spyware & junkware driving you crazy yet?

If you answered Yes!, I am willing to bet all your problems come from using Windows to access the internet. You might think how else surf. Hummm, you probably don’t have any virus problems using the web on your phone do you ?? How about any problems with your tablet/ipad… i’ll bet no problems their either. If your computer or laptop is a Mac or a Linux computer… again no problems. Only computers with Windows have this problem. So what is the solution, duhhh don’t use windows as your browser/ internet operation system. Option 1 (expensive & a pain in the @$$) Buy a Mac $1,000+- ouch but if you still need windows you could always install it on your Mac $200+- or use both computers which will probably make you more crazy. Option 2 (cheap but not a complete solution) Buy a Chromebook $200+- but now you still need another computer cause a chrome book is not a full operating system. Now my best solution – Option 3 (cheap, easy & problem solved) $100+- Have us install Linux on your current computer!

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