Hey guys, here we are at PC 911 showing you some of the stuff that we are doing. It is one of the most common things that we do aside from malware removal of course. Windows disaster repairs as in LCD. We’ve seen that when open up your laptop and that screen is cracked like that. That’s not a good sign.  

The good thing is especially on these normal laptops without a touch or anything like that it is a pretty simple fix. So let’s see here today. We got this Acer going on here and we are going to show you how we change the screen and we put this computer back like new.

So the first part here is to remove the bezel. This unit doesn’t have screws at all usually there is a couple screws down at the bottom with rubber covers or maybe the at the top. This is kind of like a guitar pick-style tool. You just get into the sides and usually they just snap off and I am not going through it.  

We already did that but basically that just kind of snaps right off so we are going to pull that off. Next, remove the screws. Cause I don’t want the video to take more that 5 minutes. You are going to have screws top and the bottom.

Let’s go back one step and remind you to remove the battery. You don’t want to be doing any of this with the power on. Especially when you get to the LCD connector. You pull this up here and you are going to have an LCD connection there at the bottom. Usually, there is some tape on it and lift that tape up.

Be careful with these cables, I mean they are pretty sturdy but you don’t want to be too rough on them and you want to just pop that right off just like that and again make sure your battery is disconnected. So we are going to go online and find the LCD, put it back and then it will be good as new. Thanks for watching.

Alright we’re back, we just got our LCD in and so what we are going to do is the reverse of everything that we did. Remember your battery is disconnected. We are going to get that LCD connector and give it a look over. As far as visual everything looks the same and we can get that in there. And this you don’t to force it so if it’s in line it kind of just go straight in just like that. You want to get that tape on there and frankly, we are going to put some extra tape on top of this because once you pull it off it is going to give you a good adhesion so we are going to put some tape on there.

That’s pretty much it, we are going to go through that after. Pop it up and put one or two screws in it first just to keep it in place. What you want to do also is you want to test it. Turn it on, test your camera. In this case, we didn’t really have to move a lot of cables here. Sometimes you got to move your camera, disconnect your camera stuff like that.  You always want to verify that before you actually seal everything up, the bezel on. So I’ll crank that up and show you what it’s looking like. Also, you want to check pixels to make sure you don’t have any bad pixels. You want to check that the screen is 100% compatible. So we will take a look at it in a minute.

Alright so we got this screen on, we booted up and everything’s looking good and one of the things that we do and we recommend that you do is go on YouTube…there are different ways of doing this but this is pretty simple. Go on YouTube do a search “Pixel Test” and you are going to find a bunch of these videos that are going to run through the different colors like this one is going to do right now.

If you can maximize it and if you got a dead pixel. When you run through these colors that is where you are going to see it. If you don’t run through that you can have a dead pixel or a stuck pixel. Which is a pixel with a particular color. And you might not notice it so you may want to take a look at that and that’s pretty much it. This one everything is looking good so far. They are going to put a bezel back. It was the easiest bezel they may have run into. it will just be snapping back in and we are pretty much done. So that’s what we are doing over here at PC 911.

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