What the hijack message looks like

We have a computer here that is giving us a interesting facebook message. We are going to look into this. One of the things you want to do is to actually come over and see if it’s coming from Facebook, it looks like it is.  We clicked on the next we are getting a message from Trend Micro. Extremely odd unless they got some type of partnership going on with Facebook which I highly doubt. So we are going to continue along here.

Alright guys, so I figured what was going.  If you saw in the previous video we were going to log into Facebook and we were getting a warning from Facebook. It stated that our computer was corrupted, needed a cleanup, and to download some software.

That’s kind of fishy. It would be extremely odd that it would come from Facebook even though the Facebook address was showing up here. So we removed it, I am going to show you what we did. This is what I recommend you do if you run into this.

It’s a relatively easy fix

So we are going to login and you see we are not getting that message anymore. Probably what happened was there was probably something that was hijacking the screen and was giving us that message. What you would do if you run into that is what we did here with our customer.

This is a very easy fix. We are on Chrome, anything that you run into out of the ordinary Chrome. Come over here to settings…well that was kind of quick. Select these little three bars here at the top right. drop down to settings, you are going to have to drop all the way down to show advanced settings. Then all the way down again, what you want to do is to reset your browser.

I cleaned up all the extensions. If you came up here to the left extensions this was full of all kinds of different extensions. If you see things here that you are not recognizing or you are not using click the little trash can and just get rid of it.

Prior to deleting all the extensions just the reset alone actually fixed that Facebook login error. Anytime you saw something out of the ordinary, like your computer getting a virus and it not coming from your anti-virus in this case this computer has Kaspersky. anything other than Kaspersky telling you that you’ve got a virus or a problem or a scan that should be a red flag and should ask yourself is this legit or not legit.

So that’s our tip for the day, thanks for watching.

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