I want to show you a little custom PC we’re working on here. This will show pretty much all the stuff we work on and some of the things we run into. This is a custom desktop. It doesn’t look like a Mac. The gentleman does photography. So he’s got a lot of storage. He’s got about eight hard drives there too. It’s a pretty nice rig and it’s running a Mac OS. Let me show you that. This is a screen right here and basically, what we’re doing we are running some tests on the temperature.

What was going on with this unit was. Actually, let me show you the OS here and that’s what it’s running. A little bit older OS 24 Gigs so it’s a nice little rig. The gentleman is into photography and stuff like that. It’s something nice with some power didn’t want to spend it on for a Mac. He put this thing together or he had somebody put it together. It was turning on and turning off. It took a couple places they wind up initiating telling it was the power supply that was failing. Then they went into, the motherboard was failing.

We spent some time on it here, it didn’t take a whole lot of time for us to figure out that the water cooler that it had was the one that was failing. This little one here. The interesting part is that it wasn’t 100% failing, it worked for a little bit and then cut off so those intermittent problems are the ones that are sometimes are just very difficult.

You can’t pinpoint them. Some of the symptoms were of that of a motherboard or RAM or power supply it could have been any of those but we narrowed it down to that. So basically just have it here running. You know to run it for 24 hours but it’s good to go. It has already run for about 2 hours straight. The temperature is good where as before you know climbing up pretty quick. So pretty much we work on anything. Even these crazy rigs that they got going on. And here we got a couple other custom PC. The gentleman purchased it, put it together and couldn’t get it to run. 

Simple things but just things that you know if you don’t do this every day just like slip through the cracks and the more frustrated you get, you just can’t find the problem sometimes and you have it right in front of you. for about a week, this was a serious intermittent problem, the computer worked for about 24 hours, 30 hours and then it reboots. So basically whenever you change something, you change a RAM pretty much the diagnosis is to make your adjustments and wait you know two days so it has been here for awhile.

It is not a lot of hands-on time but it is something that is just going to be here, I think we got it down pat. the end shows it was just the bad seated RAM and it was just kind of crazy that it took all this time on it but sometimes that the way it goes. So that’s what we are doing over here at PC911, you got any problems bring it, we’ll take of it for you.

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