First of all –  Tips to go over prior to beginning the repair.

  1. Have all your tools ready and near you.
  2. It is easier for you if you place everything that has been removed in the same place and order taken out.
  3. Be very cautious when removing all flex cables, most of all from the logic board.
  4. Make sure the device is always off, especially relevanty – only turn the device on when testing the new screen.

Opening the device

  1. Begin by turning off the device.
  2. Remove the two screws that are located on the out side of the charge port.
  3. Place the suction cup as close to the home button as possible.
  4. Begin to pull on the suction cup lightly and pry the screen off by using a spudger.
  5. Delicately open the device and have the screen at a 90 degree angle.
  6. Begin by removing the two screws holding the battery cover in place.
  7.  those two screws on the side in the same order they were removed.
  8. Remove the plate covering the battery flex.
  9. Disconnect the battery, and leave disconnected.
  10. Next, begin removing the 5 screws that are holding the screen flex cables.
  11. CAUTION: Make sure these screws do NOT get mixed up and are placed EXACTLY how they were taken out. By misplacing a single screw could cause damage to the logic board.
  12. Remove the LCD flex cable plate, and put this to the side.
  13. With the spudger delicately disconnect the four flex cables that were located under the plate.
  14. Very cautiously connect the new screen and the battery flex.
  15. Turn the device on and test it.
  16. Once the screen has been tested. The device should be turn off
  17. Now that the device is off. Remove the battery flex followed by the screen flex cables.
  18. Go ahead and set the new screen to the side and we are going to get our screen ready.

Getting screen ready

  1. Begin by removing the top three screws that go to camera, ear speaker, proximity speaker.
  2. Place those screws identical to how they were removed as well as the plate.
  3. Lift the camera, remove the speaker box.
  4. With tweezers lift off the flex with light heat hitting the glass, NOT the flex cable. Set this to the side.
  5. Next, remove the 3 screws found on each side, and the screw located on the bottom as well. Set those to the side.
  6. Down at the bottom remove the two screws holding the home plate, and remove the home plate as well.
  7. To lift the home button, press on it from the glass side in, being careful to not rip the gasket, and remove it carefully from the flex cable.
  8. Next you are going to remove the home button flex cable. Normally I like to use a little bit of heat and go ahead and put that to the side.

Setting up New screen

  1. Begin by placing the home button flex cable. At the top there is a flat, make sure that is tucked under the plate and not over. Screw on the 7 screws.
  2. Clip on the home button to the home button flex. Replace the home button place and the screws.
  3. Go ahead as adhere the ear speaker/proximity sensor flex. Make sure that everything fits in its place and nothing it lifting.
  4. Place the speaker box back, and lay the camera over aligning it with the camera centralizer.
  5. Place the plate and screws back in place.

Installing the new screen/Closing up

  1. Connect the 4 flex cables to the logic board.
  2. Replace the plate and screws exactly how they were removed.
  3. Do the same steps for the battery flex, plate, and screws.
  4. For the screen to close correctly. begin by wedging the top of the screen into frame  pressing on the sides.
  5. Once closed, Lets replace the two bottom screws and turn the cell phone on.
  6. Test all the functions
  7. Congratulations, you’ve completed a LCD assembly replacement on a iPhone 6!

Thank you guys for watching.

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