We are going to show you how to change a Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD.

  • Begin by making sure that the cell phone is fully powered down.
  • Followed by removing the back cover, battery, sim card and SD card.
  • Remove all nine screws.
  • We are going to take the spudger and carefully remove the back cover/ housing.
  • Followed by removing all the cables connected to the logic board.
  • Do NOT attempt to remove the logic board. There is a screw holding the logic board down in place. Remove the logic board screw and put it to the side.
  • You may now gently remove the logic board.
  • Gently with some tweezers remove the metal cover that i holding down the charge port.
  • Put that to the side and start removing the charge port.
  • With the use of light heat begin to heat up the LCD and glass.
  • I recommend starting with the edges and working your way around. Starting top, sides, and leaving the bottom for last.
  • With extra care, carefully heat up the bottom soft keys as these do not get replaced with the new screen.
  • Once the LCD and glass have been removed, clean up the frame, make sure there isnt any left over adhesive or broken glass to prepare the frame for the new LCD.


Installing New LCD

  • Some replacement screens may come with adhesive already on them, in this case this one does not.
  • We are adding and shaping the new adhesive to fit perfectly on the frame. 
  • Once the adhesive is ready and you’re ready to install the screen remove the strips and expost the adhesive
  • Carefully match up the ear piece, and the home button. If these do not align you have a high chance of the glass breaking on the new screen.
  • Now that our screen is installed lets place everything we removed back on.
  • Now that we have everything put back together we have to put the screws back onto the logic board.
  • We are going to go ahead and put the back cover housing on.
  • We place the screws back, sim card, SD card, followed by your battery.

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