A Mac with Malware

I’ve got a Mac with malware here and this is more and more common. Nowadays, I remember about 2 years ago I’d probably see a Mac with an infection, virus or a pop-up. Probably once every 2-3 months. Now, I’m getting at least one call maybe two like even per month. Which is still not a high up for this or as far as Windows is concerned. But it’s getting more and more common as far as browser highjack, pop-ups and malware in general. So this is one that I have here. Today they came in and take over your browser. They don’t let you get out of there and you know your computer is infected. Either way you got to get all that stuff out there.

So I just wanted to show if you do get Mac they are about 99% virus proof but being that the Mac uses a little more affluence and it’s a little bit better target. You know a lot of these hackers are apparently refocusing on these Macs, so you got a Mac still be careful when you’re browsing online and of course if you want resolve this whether you have a PC or Mac. There is only one true virus proof computer and that’s Linux and here at PC 911 we actually specialize in dual-boot Linux with Windows that’s the way that you click any link, surf any website, open any email.

Don’t worry about viruses, malware or crypto wall can I get you out of here, that’s the true way to surf the Internet like it used to be prior to all this stuff. Thanks for watching and watch out you want a virus proof website? Just head straight to our website virusproofcomputers.com.

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