Ryzen CPU Bad but still Booting! Ryzen 5 CPU.

Hey everybody, welcome back! Today we have a gaming desktop that was restarting randomly, 5 – 30 minutes and had different blue screens as well. The process for this is first determine if it is hardware or software, and we booted it to our own drive and it kept crashing so we figured it was hardware, first one we did was take the video card out and used one of ours. Then we tested the ram, using Memtest86 which I have some videos on my channel on it, then we replaced the power supply which is uncommon for one to cause the pc to restart but we did it either way, then we disconnected most of the front panel cables, and with everything disconnected it still restarted. So, it is down to the motherboard and CPU. So we changed the CPU and got one of our Ryzen CPU and the PC ran for 22 hours non stop and still is running so we were alarmed already on it being the CPU, when we tested the customers CPU on our PC then it Sent our drive to auto repair and crashed it completely. So that is the diagnostic and the culprit is the CPU. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911.