Macbook A1502 Keyboard Not Working

Hey everybody, today we have a MacBook Pro A1502 2015. The problem this was having was the keyboard stopped working all of a sudden. When I took a look at it, I saw the keyboard had some very sticky keys and etc.… The costumer said there was no spill. Well, here it is already fixed and let me go ahead and show you. The diagnostic was that first we checked the keyboard flex and no result, we tested an external keyboard and tested it, in this model we were able to test it and some other models you can test it too. By plugging in the flex from the back. Basically, this unit, that has the trackpad flex which is only trackpad to the mother board, actually correlates to the Keyboard. In the past we have seen that it controls the power on and in this case, we replaced that flex too and it solved the problem. So, switching out the trackpad flex fixed the keyboard problem. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911. PC 911 Computer & Cell Phone Repair