Inspecting the hardware

Hey guys what’s up. I want to share a little upgrade we’re doing. This is a standard PC purchase, not customized and it’s not really a gaming unit. It’s just a run-of-the-mill desktop that you would get at Best Buy. The customer wanted to upgrade it. It’s got a good Cpu and an i5 so it’s good there. However, there is no video card, the just onboard video which was not a good deal. So we brought it in to show you that there’s a lot of good things out there from good components to upgrade something like this.

Where to install it

Typically a video card is huge and it wouldn’t fit in here. We found this is an EVGA 1050 TI but basically these are mini. This is four gigs so it is like a mini video card. Now I’m going to show you how it fits right in there. Basically just upgraded this and we got a really good deal on Amazon for $50. We upgraded the power supply as well even though the standard power supply would have done the job, though we didn’t want to push it to the max so we did the little upgrade to get 500 watts. These don’t need extra power, instead, it’s going to just run right off of the motherboard’s power. So I’m going to put that in there and show you how nice and snug it fits. We got it in there with room to spare.

We also had a little connector up here and can’t really show you that. I thought we were going to have to remove it but everything worked out so let’s crank this baby up. If you got yourself just a regular desktop and you wanted to go to a gaming unit consider one of these video cards – they call them mini compact. That’s what’s going on over here today a PC 911.

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