How to clean up a slow computer. Slow computer to fast computer.




Hey everybody, here we have this HP laptop which is slow all over. I will go through a process which with the aim of making the computer faster. This computer has “PowerShell” opening up in the beginning which it shouldn’t happen, also this computer has “Chromium” which is an actual web browser it is what chrome was built on but if it wasn’t manually installed then it was probably installed by malware. First step is checking if the computer is having a software problem or a hardware problem. So, to get started we will clear up the startup, you can access it by pressing control, alt, delete, and open the task manager in the task manager there is a tab called start up and here theoretically you can disable all of them. Next, we will see what is making the computer disk running at full, you can see that on task manager as well in the performance tab. By clicking on “disk” it will organize it by what app is using the most and you can just click it and end task. To start removing the junk, we will use Malwarebytes which you can find online and use the free version, link to it above. As of now we have cleaned up some junk programs, cleaned up the startup and now you should have Malwarebytes installed, and once it is, start the “Scan for Malware.” With the scan done you can press start remove, here it’ll go through it and remove the things it found. From here we will do ADWCleaner link up above. Once it is installed you will run the adware cleaner by hitting “scan now.” This will find many things that will definitely clear your computer up. In this case we uninstalled McAfee since we will use our own Anti-Virus. When the scan is complete it’ll label them and you can see what you can delete or not. If there is nothing that you use just delete them all. A software you can use to uninstall other software that windows is having an error uninstalling is called “RevoUninstaller” link above. This will be able to uninstall the programs that windows is having errors removing. And this should all clear up your PC. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911.