Hey everybody, welcome back to PC 911. I want to show you here today a brand new computer. This is Windows 10. You know from out of the box Windows 10 not an upgrade or anything like that and it’s new. I think it has been a month or 2 since the gentleman’s had it there. You might be familiar with these they come in different colors and different shapes.  Pretty much it winds up being the same thing – malware. Call this number. You can’t get rid of this on your screen. It just drives you crazy and the problem here is that you are using a Windows computer.

So a lot of people out there saying Windows 10. Great security, It’s the end of viruses and pop ups and all that good stuff. Well wishful thinking here we have it and it’s very. very common. Pop ups and Windows 10 still have bugs up to Ying Yang. What I recommend a lot of people actually bring computers in like this they ask me how. Can they avoid this and frankly my number one recommendation if you’re someone that primarily using the Internet.

Which most people nowadays using the Internet maybe 80% of their use you don’t really need Windows for that, you’re much better off with using Linux on the Internet and/0r a Mac as well. Windows is just extremely targeted and you’re always going to wind up with these issues sooner or later.If you want to use your computer as you should. Just be able to go on the Internet, open any email and not really have any problems.

Well one of the few if not the only shop here in Miami we sell new and use dual boot computers running Linux and Windows both, get the best of both worlds. Linux in my opinion the best operating system in the Internet it has 100 other benefits but on the…using your Chrome and Firefox browser on a Linux computer you don’t have to worry about any of these things installed in your computer. Also, as far as email you can open up an email you don’t have to worry about viruses.

None of those viruses can attack a Linux computer. Because they are written for Windows. So the point of this video here is if you got Windows 10. Or any other Windows even if you have an anti-virus you are still going to be susceptible to viruses. Malware so come check us out.  Check out our virus proof computers as we call them. But basically they are Linux computers.  Windows also installed so you have both operating systems.

And that’s the way. I recommend for you to use the internet virus proof, surf any website, click on any link open any email. And the purpose for the Windows is you may have some speciality software that you want to run. Maybe you have Quickbooks maybe you have a little favourite game that you want to play. So there’s a lot reasons for you to use Windows but just basically the surfing of the Internet is really not searching over the Internet is really not one of them at least my opinion. You want to get yourself a Linux computer, check us out over here at PC 911.

You can get malware by surfing the web. See how you can protect yourself.