Here we are again with this gamer machine that we are following up from the previous video. Where we changed the fan so we got that baby in there. Again just to show you what the fan was before, this is before and that one is after.Twice as thick, tight squeeze in here, really tight squeeze. We are at the offset the actual fan position. If you look right here we to offset it because it didn’t fit but we got really, really good flow. Let me show you the temperatures, remember this was running about 2 minutes into the desktop without really. Running anything it was hitting the 9o degree mark and shutting down.

And here as you can see 50 degrees…50/52 degrees. What we are using here is a lot of little tool out there. Here we are running Core Temp and you can find that online just Google it and find it. Let me show you what it looks like. That one right there and that’s what we’re using to give us our temperatures. So right now we’re running also a stress test. This is a really simple one it doesn’t have to be installed it’s called StressMyPC. Same thing you can look that up as well.

And if you take a look down here if you see all these windows we’re running it 10 times. this is a pretty heavy duty unit. You can see all those windows there?. Basically when opens up this is what it does, let me minimize this a little use couple of tabs. You got the Paint Stress which is graphics, you got the CPU stress and then hard drive stress. But don’t stress the hard drive is no big deal, so we are stressing the CPU and the graphics. And basically when it is installed it just runs and so we are running it 10 times. And this has been running for like an hour.

You can see where this thing. If you want to see the CPU this is the actual Core Temp window or menu. And you can see this is a 6 core. We got the first two of 100%. It’s hard to get these other 4 going and actually it’s 12 virtual cores. So you can see it is running extremely cool. So basically that’s what we got. We had a dirty computer and on top of that the actual fan maybe the fan got bad from a overheating. Or the actual water cooler and we got this nice little course here it even lights up.

So we are back in business so we are going to have happy gamer back in action with this. I’m going to do a couple of other videos, a couple other things about this computer so stay tuned for those. Thanks for watching.

Keeping a cool system is an important part of keeping a computer in great condition. Learn how to check your CPU’s temperature.