We offer cell phone repair

Hi welcome back, today I want to talk to you about some new kinds of PCs that everybody is using and that’s a device that is disguised as a phone. Yes, what I am talking about today is PC 911 we are doing cell phone repair and if you notice nowadays these smart phones are doing so many things. Sometimes they are replacing the computers for some people all it is a whole different experience as far as emails, sometimes it is actually easier to use on your cell phone. And there is frankly some really, really great apps that do things that are actually easier on the phone than on your computer.

What am I getting at? Your phone is actually a computer, so yes of course here a PC meaning Personal Computer we repair 911. We fix phones, cell phones, iPhones, Galaxy phones any smart phone which is really a computer we will take care of it for you. So if you drop that iPhone crack…no problem, bring it in to PC 911. 

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