Seagate Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hey everybody, today we have a Seagate portable drive that is non readable, it is making a buzzing sound when it starts up, the possible reason for it to make that sound is because of the head getting stuck on the platter, the correct way of doing this would be taking it to a lab and having it done correctly which would be around $600-$700 but the client didn’t want to pay that much and was willing to take the risk and pay a less since it was already broken, the cover just pops off with a spudger, and the drive should pop off, luckily with this drive it had an adapter that made it SATA to USB, which makes the recovery a lot easier, mostly western digital drives have the USB straight to the board. Now we are going to pop it open to see how it is looking. After peeling what it had on top which was weird because usually, they have the screws right on top, we can go and unscrew the cover. We can pry it open a little bit with a spudger, we say that the head was stuck in the middle of the platter, so we can use a screwdriver to spin it counterclockwise and pull the header back and that should be it, keep in mind the room has to be clean because anything gets on the drive and it will not work. Here the platters could be damaged or one of the headers, anything like that would make the drive not function properly, I went ahead and closed the drive and screwed it all back in. From here we connected it to a computer using a SATA connector and the drive wasn’t making any noises that are out of the ordinary. Now we are waiting for it to mount since it wasn’t showing up I went on Disk Management and found the disk and mounted it and it appeared, we were able to find all of the files and now we are going to save the files the customer wanted to save first since they are the highest priority we try to save those first and then if possible back up the whole drive. Since we don’t know how long the disk is going to last, we save the most important once first. And that’s what’s going on today at PC911.