Cannot adjust laptop LCD brightness after Windows 10 Update

Hello everybody, today we’re going to do talk about what seems like a common problem after a Windows 10 update. What happened here is an older Windows 7 unit that upgraded to Windows 10. Now apparently, there’s a problem with drivers after the update. In this case, the graphics is all good, but the brightness adjustment doesn’t seem to go brighter or dimmer.

So one simple fix is to go to the Device Manager. The driver that’s on this model is AMD. What you want to do is update the driver and then search your computer for the “Microsoft Basic Driver.” So that is the default generic driver you can add temporarily. It will work, but you’re not going to be able to get the performance of your graphics card. This is something that most people are not aware of when they install Windows 10 from scratch.

So once the “Microsoft Basic Driver” is installed, you’re going to notice that you will be able to move the brightness up and down. Once the brightness is fully up, we’re going to go back and reinstall the driver to the original graphics card, in this case, the AMD. Now once the AMD driver is reinstalled, it doesn’t let us adjust the brightness again, so I recommend adjusting the brightness you’re going to keep it at before removing the “Microsoft Basic Driver.”

Side note- There are also some registry hacks. If you want to get into that, there is some registered variables that you could change.

Okay, so again, while we’re not going to be able to adjust the brightness while using our graphics card. We can at least have the LCD at full brightness. Maybe at some point, some updated drivers will come out, and it’ll start working again. But if not, this is kind of a quick solution there for you. Thanks for reading.