iPhone 8 Back Glass Removal with Laser

Hey everybody, tonight at PC 911 we have an iPhone 8 with a broken back glass that we will remove with a laser cutter. So first what I did was remove the iPhone screen and camera. Then we brought it to the laser cutter and placed it under an “autofocus” which measures the pressure of the glass so the laser can focus better, after that I set it in the middle and went to the software that controls the laser cutter. In the software, I went through all of the templates they have and went to the iPhone 8 template which they had to one that was more precise and another that was the full-back, at first we ran the full-back and after that, we ran the more precise one. Then I selected the image and clicked red line outline, what that does is show a red laser line that will tell you where the laser will be working so I aligned it so all of the glass is in the red square, after that, I got an extractor so it gets rid of all the fumes and in the software, I pressed “mark” it started the laser cutting. After the first pass, I started taking the glass off, protecting myself I was wearing gloves and protective glasses. I first used a suction cup to pull up on the glass and see if a piece comes out, when it did I started prying the glass with a metal pry tool, being very careful with the middle area where the wireless charger is I took off the glass around it. The area with the camera and the flash glass I had to be careful with but I took out the camera glass too as the new replacement screen brought one. After that was done, I cleaned it up with a brush and placed it back on the laser so it can clean more of the back. After it got off the back was looking much cleaner so I brushed it up to take out the dust that built up, after that, I glued on the new backglass and attached the screen back on. The phone was complete and with no cracks. And that’s what’s going on today at PC 911.